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We Stand Behind Every Piece: Our Promise of Excellence at eDiamonds and Designs

In our store, you can shop now for one of a kind pieces and find true treasures for your special moments in life. We offer our own original designs as well as other carefully selected and curated jewelers’ and designers’ unique creations and fashion jewelry. We work with the finest designers and jewelry companies, and never compromise quality.

In our concierge gallery, you can browse many of the unique pieces we’ve created for our clients over the years. As a custom jewelry concierge, we provide exclusive and personalized high-quality, custom-made jewelry for our clients. Whether you’re looking for engagement rings, wedding bands, anniversary items, birthday gifts, or even repurposing old jewelry into new modern designs, we’ll create and deliver your own unique custom-made design. Please contact us for your own special creation.


We stand behind every piece we sell and guarantee the authenticity of it. Everything we sell comes from sustainable sources and non-conflict gem stones, diamonds and Gold. We inspect every piece before it leaves our shop to ensure you receive the high quality our customers are accustomed to receive.


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