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Strikingly elegant blue sapphire ring, surrounded by floral like petals made of Rose cut diamonds set in different levels to mimic a live flower. Exquisit One of a kind.

It feels like an eternal sapphire bloom!

18K White gold. 


o    All our diamonds are handpicked from the highest quality of diamonds available on the market and are all responsibly source along with the metals we use. None come from conflict areas of the world, and most legitimate sources today give back to the communities they come from which we believe, is the way it should be.
o  All items arrive with a certificate of authenticity which is also an appraisal that can be used to insure your new piece of jewelry.
o    A portion of all purchase goes to Feeding America.


  • If you love this and would like a custom piece like this, please contact us for pricing.

    We work around your budget.

    Everything is possible. 

    Schedule a free 15 minute consultation


    We stand behind every piece we sell and guarantee the authenticity of it. Everything we sell comes from sustainable sources and non-conflict gem stones, diamonds and Gold. 

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