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July Birthstone: Ruby

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Ruby is the gemstone to be given on the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries.

The Ruby represents love, passion and courage. Rubies have been the prized possession of emperors and kings throughout the ages. Records suggest that rubies were traded along China’s North Silk Road as early as 200 BC. Chinese noblemen adorned their armor with rubies because they believed the gem would grant protection. The color of the Ruby is within the spectrum of Red. From a deep Red like a rich Red wine known as "Pigeon-Blood", to lighter more faint color. The darker the Red the higher the value, and of course another important factor is the part of the world that it was mined. Burma Ruby is considered to be the priciest and rare and is believed to have been mines since 600 AD. Ruby is one of the most prized and high valued Gem stones. The chromium that gives ruby its red color also causes fluorescence, which makes rubies glow like a fire from within (as it does sometimes in Diamonds). Paradoxically, chromium is also what makes this gem scarce because it can cause cracks and fissures. Few rubies actually grow large enough to crystallize into fine quality gems, and these can bring even higher prices than diamonds. Ruby is the hardest of all Gem stones, only a Diamond is harder than ruby. Ruby’s strength and red fluorescence make it valuable for applications beyond jewelry. Both natural and synthetic rubies are used in watchmaking, medical instruments, and lasers. After classical Burmese mines were depleted, the Mong Hsu region of Myanmar started producing (synthetic) rubies in the 1990s. Though these lacked the rich red hue of traditional Burmese rubies, they were treated with heat to improve saturation and transparency. Heat-treated rubies are a common practice nowadays. until the early 1800 red spinel, tourmaline, and garnet were also believed to be ruby.

Chinese medicine, Chrystal Healing, and Esoteric beliefs:

Physically, rubies are thought to energize and balance, stimulate heart chakra and encourage a passion for life. It's believed to help overcome exhaustion and calm hyperactivity. Ruby can detoxify the body and blood, and help with restricted blood flow as well as treat fever. Ruby can be good for the heart and circulatory system and stimulate the adrenals, kidneys, reproductive organs and spleen. Esoterically it is believed that Ruby can promote positive dreams and clear visualization and aid in retaining wealth and passion. It's believed to bring a positive and courageous state of mind one that is sharp, with higher awareness. Ruby brings about passion and enthusiasm, attracting sexual activity. Any jewelry that carries a Ruby signifies so much passion and love between two people, that it makes Ruby an ideal choice for engagement or Valentine’s Day jewelry.


Disclaimer: This information was gathered and collected from many different sources. We have no copy rights or authority on this information. This website is not an authority on this information. It is provided as reading material only.

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