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Who's Behind The Name

My name is Elizabeth Ellner. I am the owner of eDiamonds and Designs Inc.


My business has evolved around creating custom artisan jewelry for an exclusive private clientele including some household names, as well as working within the wholesale industry. I have a great eye for natural beauty and can fit just the right piece to the person I am designing for.


Having been in the diamond industry since 1998 I have the ability to source diamonds of all sizes, colors and clarities from and for other wholesalers and retailers and coordinate jewelry design and production from A to Z.


My background:

Growing up my father was a diamond dealer and a jewelry manufacturer. He was one of the pioneers of our industry. Through him I learned the value of being an honest and respectful person. I am a naturally observant person so even as a young child I would notice how people respected him and would come to him for advice. Today men like him are considered “old timers” and are fast becoming a thing of the past.  Few work on the basis of a reputation and a handshake. Honesty and integrity were the foundation of a diamond dealer’s business. Modernity is changing all this as what was once a family based community has given way to bigger companies, computerized sales systems and a lack of human interaction that was once the hallmark of the industry.


My mission statement:


*  Honesty above all. 


*  To enjoy the process of creating magnificent custom jewelry with my clients so that they may honor those most precious      moments in their lives.


*  To never stop the service aspect of my business.  If you are not happy, neither am I.


*  To have my clients refer me to their friends and loved ones as the ultimate affirmation that I have done my job well.


*  To treat each and every client with the utmost discretion no matter what your station in life is.


My sincerest hope:


If you’re reading this, and we haven’t met yet, I hope we do soon.

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